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Washington State fails to collect free tax money

Adios free tax money

Adios free tax money

If you live in Washington State and you own a car, you pay a vehicle registration tax. As an option, you can opt-in to pay a five dollars additional for our State Parks.
But if you own an RV, boat or motorcycle, there is no option to pay anything towards our state parks.

I was stymied when I tried to find the $5.00 opt-in fee on my camper registration. We camp in Washington State parks a lot and I highly respect our state park system. But I was dismayed that I could not pay the opt-in fee.
And ditto that when my motorscooter registration came due.

A fellow in front of me at the DOT registration office had three boat trailers to register and I heard him request to pay the opt in fee for our state parks. He was refused!

It seems to me that vehicle tabs are tabs, whether the tabs are on a motorhome, camper, boat, trailer, jet ski or motorcycle, everyone should be allowed to contribute to as many times and as much as they would like.

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