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Tooth enamel quickly destroyed by acidic energy drinks

Tooth enamel is easily damaged by sports drinks, energy drinks and soda pop according to academic dentistry sources.  First reported in the Gig Harbor Times (2009 – “Sodas, Teas, Orange Juice Shown to Erode Teeth in as little as 12 Weeks“) and now reported in Dentistry News common energy drinks such as Red Bull, Gatorade, Propel Fitness Water and others “can eat away at your teeth enamel and it’s especially harmful when combined with the sugar in those drinks and it can begin in just seconds.” according to one of the referenced links in Dentistry News.

Citric Acid is the most common ingredient found in many of the common energy and sports drinks.  (Editors note:  the sugar content acts as a kind of accelerant to the acid content.)

The Indiana Dental Association published a chart in 2012 showing the acid and sugar content of several energy drinks and sodas.  An excerpt from that chart is shown below.

Water is neutral with a pH rating number of 7
Battery Acid (sulfuric acid) is worst with a pH rating number of 1
Stronger acid content = lower number.

Drink or Substance (12 oz. serving) Acid pH Tsp. Sugar
Water 7.0 (neutral) 0
Minute Maid® Orange Juice 3.8 9
Propel® Fitness Water 3.4 1
Red Bull® Energy Drink 3.3 10
Sprite® 3.3 10
Mountain Dew 3.3 12
Diet Coke 3.1 0
Diet Pepsi 3 0
Gatorade® 2.9 5
Minute Maid® Lemonade 2.6 10
Pepsi 2.5 11
Battery Acid 1 1 0

1) Battery acid is NOT a drink

Educational resources:  Minnesota Dental Association

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