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Tooth enamel damaged by acids in sugar free drinks

smile1“THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF DENTAL EROSION IS REPEATED EXPOSURE TO ACIDS IN FOODS AND DRINKS” according to a newly released study conducted by  the Oral Health Care CRC in Australia.

In 2013 the reported a similar study:  Tooth enamel quickly destroyed by acidic energy drinks 
“Sugar Free” drinks and foods can still cause irreparable harm to a tooth’s enamel.  The study states that:

The mix of chemicals present in a food or beverage also determines whether or not it is erosive. Some chemicals, such as citrate, are chelators – that bind or trap other chemicals such as calcium. These chemicals are particularly erosive because they effectively remove calcium from teeth.

The study found that reducing sugar containing beverages may reduce the incidence of diabetes and obesity but would not reduce the risk of dental erosion.  Sports beverages, often thought to be healthful, were found to have higher dental erosion among sports people according to the study.

Editor’s note:  Changing dietary habits can be challenging but not disregarded.  Changing toothpaste is easy.  The has been aware of the acid erosion in food and drinks and found very few toothpastes have adequate fluoride content.  The best over the counter toothpaste fluoride content found to date is stannous fluoride 0.454 percent. Look for this amount at a minimum:
fluoride toothpasteAn online search for “fluoride gels” finds a sodium fluoride gel available with a 1.1-percent content.  People with dental erosion, sensitive teeth, diets high in acidic content should consult their dentist.   If your dentist is not strong in this area then we recommend seeking more than one opinion.  Tooth enamel damage studies have been underway for more than three years with results that clearly show that many cola’s, sports drinks and acidic foods are causing tooth damage.  The has found that it often takes as much as ten years before the science studies become common knowledge among professionals and the public. 


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