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The United States of America Corporation in Distress

The US economy in distress flag
“The business of business” – a phrase often used to describe the United States economy, is in distress.  When viewed as a business model, the United States of America Corporation has lost it’s sterling reputation and become a model for centralized government and political welfare.

The CEO (President Obama) lacks any real power and seems to have lost his eloquent persuasive powers.  This is because he truely does not have any answers nor know what action to take.

The Board of Directors (the US Congress) continues to act like a committee of neighborhood old ladies intent on getting their own piece of pie (goodies for their home constituents).

The downward economic direction is not today’s problem. . .it’s been a product of US government for many decades.  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” spoken by President John Kennedy is long forgotten and in the minds of US Congress, is a laugh.

If  Warren Buffet or Alan Mulally were the US President and the heads of the Federal Reserve were the US Congress, then the US Shareholders (the American public) would have jobs and a solid economy.

But I must be dreaming.

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