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The two best Gig Harbor videos review

Several videos on Gig Harbor have been made over the years. “Visit Gig Harbor” is the most recent Gig Harbor video and occupies first place in showing off Gig Harbor in the editor’s opinion.  Of course it’s a sunny day every day in Gig Harbor.  (The video sponsor is Sothebys International Realty)

The video “Visit Gig Harbor” is not all inclusive.  We would like to have seen the Multicare Gig Harbor Medical Park included along with the St. Anthony Hospital.
And the Heritage Distilling Company in Gig Harbor is a “must see” for both locals and tourists in our estimation.


The Multicare Gig Harbor Medical Park

The "Cask Club" privately owned barrels

The Heritage Distilling Company “Cask Club”








Gig Harbor’s very own Northwoods Production produced following video in the spring of 2012.
A few rainy days slipped into the production.

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