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The Case For Marriage

A labor and delivery nurse, shaken from the experience, told me about a woman that came to her hospital to delivery a baby. Her husband accompanied her and it was expected to be a normal delivery.

The baby delivered okay but the woman developed uncontrollable bleeding from the uterus. She was rushed into intensive care and a full battery of drugs and emergency actions were taken to stop the bleeding.
Still, she bled to death. The father went home a single dad and a widower.

The danger of child-birth, ever present, has accompanied women throughout history.
There are physical dangers and pain that women face when they have children.

The inherent dangers of child birth are recognized. And the bonding between a man and woman are encouraged through the institution of marriage. Human history supports marriage as a special privilege between a man and a woman.

The dictates of biology are inescapable. Pain, death of the woman, the child or both are possible outcomes.
Yet “marriage” seems to have morphed into something else in today’s world.

The special reward of “marriage” for a man and a woman has degraded to a simple reward between any two beings with feelings for each other. In particular, the homosexual group believes that marriage should extend it’s privilege to something other than a man and a woman.

The religious right would call it “God’s law”.  Biology doesn’t care.  Humanity does.
The risk for a woman bearing a child will always be the same, as it has throughout history.
The reward will be what society chooses.

(Originally published Feb 2008)

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