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Tattoo nanoparticles travel inside the body

Scientists have long known that organic tattoo pigments travel to the lymph nodes because visual evidence shows the lymph nodes taking on the color of the tattoo.

Most tattoo inks contain organic pigments.  However, a chemical analysis had not been done until now.  The additions of preservatives and contaminants in ink revealed the presence of  nickel, chromium, manganese or cobalt.

In a first of it’s kind study,  “Scientists have discovered that micro and nanoparticles from tattoos can travel inside the body and reach the lymph nodes” according to a UPI report.

The study reports that they “were able to prove the presence of several toxic elements, such as Cr and Ni, derived from tattooing”.  However, the report  could not determine if other contamination sources may have contributed to the presence of toxic elements.


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