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Is speeding an endangerment to other people?

Washington State lawmakers are exempt from speeding tickets while on their way to the legislature.

The questions the logic of this rule.  Is “speeding” not an endangerment?

A vehicle traveling 35  mph in your neighborhood when a child runs into the street will probably hit the child.

Foggy thinking pervades the legislature.  The public should be outraged.  Broadcast news miserably failed to make a real world analogy.  Is the public asleep?

It seems that the thought is “Oh. . .five miles over the speed limit on highway I-5 isn’t too bad“.   Is that the limit of our critical thinking skills?

What about the byways and neighborhood streets?  Do children not occassionally run into the street while chasing a ball, a toy or one another?

The vehemently and loudly protests giving lawmakers rights to be exempt from traffic laws.