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See something, do something

The opportunity to help someone often appears unexpectedly during one’s life time.  And often the opportunity is simply not recognized and/or sometimes it is inconvenient for one to become involved.

Serving others in need is what makes us human and gives us a life sustenance for the soul as it were.  But often one is driven by emotional inertia – we’re on a mission – and our “thinking cap” is not tightly fastened.

One’s “presence” of mind at those times can be over-ridden by one’s emotional inertia.  The car ahead is blocking the path while the passenger and driver change seats. . .and they are slow to do it.  One’s emotional inertia pushes one’s buttons. . .creating impatience and judgmental thoughts.

Instead, if one had “presence” one might be thinking if a need existed for one’s assistance.  Is that car’s driver having nausea, a heart palpation or other need of assistance?  Instead of “get out of my way” one’s thoughts could ask “Do they need my help?”

Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone.  A woman at night alone might not want to inquire about assisting someone.  But a young able bodied man would have little or no excuse.

Even so, life experiences build confidence.  A lack of experience can be an obstacle to confidence.  Regardless, one should recognize the slippery slope of emotional inertia and one’s lack of “presence” if they want to become a better person.

The answer is to try to become more aware, more thoughtful and more “can do” during each day.  Try now, try tomorrow and try always.



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