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The national TV news disgrace

“The Russian government is responsible for attacks on the US election parties.  This is well know because the IP address of the attackers are in Russia.”

So claims the national TV news.  And that is totally garbage!
And it illustrates the stupid ignorance of our national TV news authorities.

A Russian government attack would use US hosting company servers and the attack would be extremely difficult to trace.  What the “TV News” is reporting is/are the many amateur hackers based in Russia, India, China, the US and everywhere around the world.

Hacking is a game and many ruskies love it.  Google for black hat hackers websites just to see.   The IP (internet protocol) address is the location of the server.  If you use Comcast, Yahoo, AOL, Google or any other hosting company, your IP address will be involved.

Interested in your IP address.  Go to and click the My IP tab on the top of the page.  You can see where your server is located.  Try entering a website address such as, or, etc to see where their servers are located.

This is simple child’s play.  The Russian government would not use Russian servers.  They would either route through a US server or simply hire a US server.  Or perhaps they might use a United Kingdom server to make the attack look like it was from Britain.

The distasteful display of ignorance by our national TV news is disgusting.  Beware of what you see on TV, even from the “news”.


Hope that the next president quits.

I’m voting for Hillary due to her shaky health.    And I put forth the proposition that the best hope for the American people is that the next US president either quits his/her job as president or becomes incapacitated.

Either Mike Pence or Tim Kaine would make a better presidential leader in my opinion.  Hillary obviously has health issues, notably her most recent stumble and prior disappearance after the Benghazi incident due to health problems.

Trump’s physical health appears stable.  Mentally and emotionally, he is questionable at best.  And he is wicked sly.
In an alternate scenario, Trump’s plan is to put “his man” in the White House.  It goes like this: Trump leads the political attack, obtains the presidency and then resigns.  Trump leaves Mike Pence as president.

There are no good choices in this presidential race.  The best hope it to “play the odds” that we can get a good president via the vice-president.  Sadly, I hope that Hillary quits the presidency or that Trump quits the presidency (if either is elected).

God bless America.


Somebody that I used to know

A little entertainment break from the weight of the world.  Turn it up a little and if you’re in the office, remember, no dancing on the desks.