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NSA rat, Edward Snowden and treason

National Security Agent rat, Edward Snowden decided that Congress was wrong and he took it upon himself to leak documentation of cell phone route monitoring by the NSA.

Congress and President Obama knew of the cell route monitoring program just as they know of other secret operations carried out by the US government.  Multiple secret government operations frequently integrate with each other.   And exposure of one operation can compromise other programs.

We hired Congress to determine what security information is made public.  We did not hire a desk jockey like Snowden to make those decisions for us.  Snowden assumed that he knew all aspects of the rout monitoring operation and how many terror actions were stopped or affected.  He assumes to know how the monitoring operation integrates with and affects other national security operations.

By Snowden’s logic,  the publics right to know secret operations precludes national security.  American politics are not perfect, but they’re the best we have.

Edward Snowden, regardless of his reasons, by his action, has committed treason.




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