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New web site for the city of Gig Harbor announced today

City of Gig Harbor's new website A new web site design for the City of Gig Harbor was announced today in The Gateway newspaper.  The web site: was re-designed by Tacoma web design firm “SiteCrafting”.

There are several web design firms including “Dragonwyck Design”, “Gig Harbor Design”, “IvyCat Design”, “brighteyeweb LLC” and several others, some well established, within Gig Harbor.

The Gig Harbor Times contacted one of our local web site design companies to learn how they did in the bid for the new city web site.  The Gig Harbor web designer wasn’t given an opportunity to bid for the new city web site design.    Given today’s economic rough times, the Gig Harbor Times wonders why the City of Gig Harbor didn’t award their web site design contract to a local company?

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