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May 21st predicted as “Judgement Day” – Don’t bet the house!

May 21st is predicted to be the biblical “Judgement Day” according to Harold Camping, a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Radio.

Camping has performed his own biblical research to contrive this month’s date.  While there are variations on traditional translations of old scripture into understandable modern language,  Camping employs his own interpretation of scripture to achieve a date that he believes is lost in traditional translations.  And he does it so very convincingly that large numbers of people have studied his results and become convinced that he is right.

Personally, I was hoping to see “the Beast” as predicted in Revelations.  I always assumed that an artificial intelligence would be created, or arise spontaneously, on the internet.  The internet already serves us well.  And it’s not hard to conceive of it becoming a real intelligence either through government experimentation, scientific accident or something not yet imagined.  Once it becomes an innervated intelligence it would have enormous capability over life as we know it.

Today, the original scriptures written by human hand are as hard to fathom and understand as today’s world would have been to the hand that wrote them.  Harold Camping has about as much chance of being right as a person from Christ’s error could have predicted himself speeding down the freeway using a GPS.

We are already living in a different world.  Camping is looking backwards in time, believing that today’s world is hidden in the past.  Its a great attraction to those who easily succumb to conspiracy theories.   And it’s a hurtful thing for those who have abandoned their future, sold their homes and quit their jobs based on Camping’s calculations.

Either way, it’s beyond our immediate control. . .and planning life as if it were to end tomorrow is never a good idea.




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