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Lucid Dreaming Brain Waves Found Similar to Some Psychotic Conditions

(July 29, 2009)
Lucid dreaming is a condition that occurs while you are dreaming and are aware that you are dreaming.¬† “It creates distinct patterns of electrical activity in the brain that have similarities to the patterns made by psychotic conditions such as schizophrenia.”¬† according to a workshop study conducted by the European Science Foundation.

New data affirms the connection by showing that while dreaming lucidly the brain is in a dissociated state, according to Ursula Voss from the University of Frankfurt in Germany. Dissociation involves losing conscious control over mental processes, such as logical thinking or emotional reaction. In some psychiatric conditions this state is also known to occur while people are awake.

“In the field of psychiatry, the interest in patients’ dreams has progressively fallen out of both clinical practice and research. But this new work seems to show that we may be able to make comparisons between lucid dreaming and some psychiatric conditions that involve an abnormal dissociation of consciousness while awake, such as psychosis, depersonalisation and pseudoseizures.” said the workshop’s convenor Silvio Scarone, from the Universit√† degli Studi di Milano in Milan, Italy.

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