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Hackers produce YouTube instructional videos

This video, hosted on YouTube, shows how to hack a website.  The method is unimportant, but is used here to give a glimpse of the sub-culture that is out to hack your website or bank account.

Many hackers are fairly benign in their intentions.  Often, they just want to show you that your website (if you have one) has vulnerabilities.  Sometimes they will include a script that will use your email address to send out spam.  A more sinister method is to hack your website and not provide a clue that it’s been hacked.  Instead, they will insert a script (an application, if you will) that uses your email server to send spam or capture your banking information.
THEY MAKE MONEY AT IT!  – yes, that’s right, there’s money to be made in the black market for simply capturing information to sell to others.

This article is only meant as in introduction to dangers of the REAL WORLD internet.  You may feel comfortable at home when doing your on-line banking, but there’s someone out there that just needs a scrap of information about you (from Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc).
Bottom line: Beware.  Keep strong passwords and anti-virus / anti-malware up to date and active.

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