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Gig Harbor waterfront development plan assaults fabric of community life

Gig Harbor's old shoreline downtown

Gig Harbor’s old shoreline downtown

Gig Harbor’s  “Downtown Building Size and Height Amendments” ordinance allowing increased building heights and square footage along the waterfront was open to public hearing on July 8th without much public attendance.

In the opinion of the the amendment is an assault on the very fabic and character of Gig Harbor community life.
The increased building height and size will only enrich the pockets of a few while the character of shoreline Gig Harbor, once known as a quaint fishing village will, like all modern shorelines, evolve to become a tourist mecca – not the hometown that residents love.

The Gig Harbor shoreline development is a significant subject.  We believe that it is irresponsible for the Gig Harbor City Council to not seek and demand a widespread community acknowledgement of this plan.  Only seventeen people (including developers and property owners) spoke their concerns before the city council according to minutes of the July 8 meeting.

Is it not common sense to understand that increased building space will mean more supply deliveries and traffic must follow?  Is that not an environmental impact?

There are better ways to capitalize on the views surrounding Gig Harbor other than the obvious enrichment of a few shoreline property owners.
The current development amendment is an assault on the very fabric of community life in Gig Harbor.

The GigHarborTimes urges readers to contact the Gig Harbor City Council to request them to seek additional public input on this important subject.

An “Open Letter” sent to the Kitsap Sun contains the heart of the matter.  Another option is to sign the online petition to halt the proposed new zoning rules for the Gig Harbor waterfront.

Or drop an email to Mayor Chuck Hunter with your opinion and wishes for the historic downtown area of Gig Harbor.