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Gig Harbor Student Builds The Case for Marijuana

A Gig Harbor high school student was arrested for lighting a joint in class to prove a point during his lecture presentation. You can read about that incident elsewhere.

The point is this: We, as a nation, are either stupid or hypocrites.
And it doesn’t take a student a very long time to figure this out.

The student sees the harmless results of his friends smoking pot, then tries it him/her self.   Comparing pot to drugs is like comparing tea to whiskey.

Ask Bill Clinton (impeached liar) about smoking pot. He says that he tried it, but that he didn’t inhale. Yeah, right! You play that sax for us Bill.

The sad part is, a student tries pot and learns that society is wrong.  Next is another drug. . .also taught as being wrong by society. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US?

Marijuana is in a class by itself. . .not an opiate nor a hallucinogen.  Science, Medicine and Law have all tried to classify marijuana by comparing it to other drugs.  Taking their best shot, they have classified it as a drug along with opium, heroin and cocaine.

Unfortunately, people that deal in hard drugs also deal marijuana because it fits their business model.  As a result, the student who finds pot, also finds a source for other materials – i.e. dangerous drugs. 

There are certainly enough upstanding adults in this world that have tried marijuana.  Police, presidents, lawyers, priests, teachers and school bus drivers.  Lets get real folks. . .lets break the link between marijuana and drugs.  Truth, legalization and acceptance of marijuana is the quickest way to reduce the real hard drug problem in our country.  Break the link.  Legalize and control marijuana.

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