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Gig Harbor boat sank as harbor froze over in 1950

How cold can it get in Gig Harbor?  A research visit to the Pierce County Library at Point Fosdick turned up this article from their reference library.

The freeze of February 1950

The freeze of February 1950

The story reports that a “Roland Smythe” lost his boat when moving ice cut the hull and sank the boat.   The temperatures ranged from 2 to 28 degrees after a blizzard dumped 10 inches of snow on the harbor.  The blizzard began January 13 according to the article and lasted until February 3rd when rain returned to the area.

 The upper end of Gig Harbor is fed by freshwater Donkey Creek.  The freezing temperature of seawater (28 degrees Fahrenheit) is lower than freshwater.  The  salinity of the harbor could have been influenced by the runoff from Donkey Creek.  Don’t expect the harbor to freeze over anytime soon, just be prepared if it does.

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