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Gaming the Bank of America in Gig Harbor


Bank of America in Gig Harbor advertises it’s “Keep the Change” program as having a bank matching program.  Curious about the matching program, I asked the Gig Harbor branch teller “What if I put $1.01 cents of gas in the tank, will that be rounded up to $2.00 with $.99 going into the savings program?  And will Bank of America match that $.99 change. . .meaning that I’ll get $1.98 added to my savings account? ”  The answer was “Yes”.

“So what’s the cap?” I asked.�
“$250.00” she replied.

I don’t have the personality to game the system.  But I know those who do.  I’ll follow up with a report on when Bank of America ends it’s “matching” program when I learn that they end it.  I wonder how long that will last.

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