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Flattop parking tickets issued in error

Aug. 1, 2013

From the:   Alaska Traffic Manual

Section 2A.20 Orientation


01   Unless otherwise provided in this Manual, signs should be vertically mounted at approximately right angles to the direction of, and facing, the traffic that they are intended to serve.

This story was first reported over two years ago in the Alaska Daily News (1) (2)  Nothing has changed since then except that local government has ticketed citizens and visitors alike to the tune of an estimated $108,000.00 over that period of time.

Can one reasonably believe that ALL of these “parking violators” are scofflaws?  Or is it likely that the signage isn’t visible to drivers that park in this area.

The following are photos of the “fire lane” – can you see the “Fire Lane” traffic signs?


The above photo shows ticketed vehicles in the parking lane.  A vehicle on the left is attempting a turn-around and will park in the “Fire Lane” without ever having seeing any fire lane signage.
The image below is a telephoto photo picture to illustrate the visible signage to oncoming drivers.



This has nothing to do with the State Park service – when their parking lot is full visitors will look for alternative parking.  The current construction “no parking” signage is clearly visible and properly oriented to serve traffic.  The “Fire Lane” signage fails to comply with state signage code.

Justice has not been served.  Sloppy non-compliant signage installations have victimized citizens.  It is this author’s belief that “justice” can only be served when the signage is corrected to conform to code and those individuals that have been cited are refunded their fines and their parking violations expunged.