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Ebola virus at the airport

The Ebola Virus has traveled by air.  At at least one known contagious passenger arrived in Nigeria was reported carrying the disease .  Americans leave the disease handling to the experts.  But the enormity of this deadly disease has not yet crossed the American public’s collective mind.

It would only take one sick baggage handler working behind the scenes for an eight to twelve hour shift to potentially contaminate hundreds of luggage pieces.  Luggage handlers and travel passengers would have no idea that they have become infected.

Unlike Africa, the developed countries have a denser and more communicable population, one that travels far and quickly.  We will rely on a small contingent of medical professionals to contain the deadly Ebola virus until the five-o’clock news presents it to us on a local basis.

Can we take precautions?  Probably not much other than to keep informed.  On a personal basis, we might want to keep a box of latex gloves and a bottle of spray bleach set aside.  Practice good hand washing and use a anti-bacterial wash.


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