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Did The 2012 Mayan Calendar Get It Wrong?

On November 8th an aircraft sized asteroid whizzed past Earth with enough destructive power to wipe out civilization.

The asteroid known as 2005 YU55 is expected to circle back for another close Earth encounter in 2041 – The exact orbit is unknown because the asteroid will first pass by Venus which will affect it’s orbit.

It’s reasonable to assume that the great and mysterious Mayan civilization wasn’t all that great. . .since it may have calculated that the asteroid would hit Earth next year around the same time.

There are many variables to influence the orbit of such an asteroid. . .possibly including flares from the sun’s surface, other close encounters with planets, moons and asteroids.

Maybe the Mayan’s did not even believe that the earth would end in 2012 – maybe they just stopped for a rest until they needed a new calendar.  At any rate, don’t sell the house or quit the job just yet.


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