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Coyote danger to small animals now very high

CoyoteWestern Washington coyotes birth their litters in April.   The coyotes are now searching for food to feed their pups fed.  Pets such as cats and small dogs often fall prey to coyotes especially this time of year.  The “lost cat” or “lost dog” posters will soon appear on telephone poles.

Don’t let your pet become a victim.  Keep your pets inside at night and early morning.  We’ve had one report of a coyote in a backyard at noon on Monday.  If your cat is an “outdoor” kitty, please be aware that the coyote danger exists now and will be very high for the next several months.

Keep pet food inside to avoid encouraging coyotes visiting your property.  Pick up fallen apples. Although coyotes are mainly carnivorous they will eat fruit, berries and vegetables.



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