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CorelDraw has stopped working solution

// “CorelDraw has stopped working” in Windows 7 is a common problem.  But there is a work-around solution for this problem.

I recommend that you shutdown the computer and start fresh just to make sure that nothing is loaded in memory that will hinder the CorelDraw start.   First, attempt to start CorelDraw in your usual manner in order to see if you are still getting the error.

If the error appears then quit CorelDraw.
Find a .cdr file somewhere in your file folders and click on it.
It should start CorelDraw automatically.  If it asks for which program to use to start it (which probably won’t happen) then locate and click on CorelDraw.

It should start.  If not, then repeat the process of locating the .cdr file and clicking on it.
If it will not start then it will require that XP compatibility mode be installed.

While Win 7 will run CorelDraw X4 for a while, it will stop working after a certain update (unknown) by Windows.  That’s progress. ?  Win 7 Professional and above can be made to operate as XP and requires a free download program from Microsoft.