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Congress gives GM a black eye over faulty ignition key

Did anyone notice how Congress and the media pricked GM for not replacing an 87-cent part?
Oops!  Wait a minute.  Why didn’t GM simply send you the 87-cent part?

You could put the 87-cent part in yourself, right?  No?
Do you mean that you would have to employ someone to install it for you?

Does that mean it would really cost more than 87-cents to “fix’ this problem?
So why did Congress point at the fault as an 87-cent part – as if it were an 87-cent fix?
Which it wasn’t.

The correct dollar amount for the “FIX” would be more than 87-cents.
So why does Congress carry on like that?  Is it showmanship or stupidity?
Do we actually pay them for that?

By the way. . .what is the real cost of replacing an ignition switch, including tax and labor?


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