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Congress doesn’t give a damn and shuts country

Each year thousands of foreigners are drawn to US National Parks.  They are our guests, strangers in a different country, drawn to the fantastic beauty of Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite and our other national parks.

Reservations, tickets, flights, accommodations are part of the process needed to plan an international vacation.  It is a great expense and adventure for international tourists to visit the US National Parks.

Congress (and the Senate) once again don’t care enough to provide for our guest’s safety.  Thoughtlessly, Congress shuts the door to our guests.

Members of the House and Senate need to get over themselves.  “They” are not as important as “us”.  They are doing nothing to earn themselves the title of “honorable”.  In fact, they have done the American people and their guests a dishonorable deed.

And for that, they should be punished.


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