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on: Weaponizing the IRS and Treasury Dept

Congress is attempting to subpoena the tax records of our current president, Donald Trump. Anyone receiving more than a simple paycheck knows how complex the IRS code can be – which was created by Congress. Finding fault will not be difficult when anyone who deals in multiple properties is examined.

But is this a good idea? Who is perfect in all things? Will future presidents face a requirement for perfection in their IRS tax returns? Will a potential good presidential candidate defer from running?

The Gig Harbor Times believes the both democrats and republicans will clobber any future president with IRS tax return attacks if congress is allowed to continue badgering the president about tax returns. Do we really need a future full of income examination attacks on future presidents? When will it stop?

Violent video games found linked to aggressive behavior

Violent video game play and aggressive behavior have a relationship according to reports in Scientific American and Dartmouth College.  Both reports are based on a study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1)

The Gig Harbor Times published a list of violent video games available for viewing on YouTube was in 2012 titled Fixing the mass murder mentality“.


School Shooter: North American Tour 2012

If you don’t believe your child or young teen would be influenced by video game violence then how about that kid that got kicked out of school  last week.
Is this classified under “Fun”, “Entertainment” or “Educational”?