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The two best Gig Harbor videos review

Several videos on Gig Harbor have been made over the years. “Visit Gig Harbor” is the most recent Gig Harbor video and occupies first place in showing off Gig Harbor in the editor’s opinion.  Of course it’s a sunny day every day in Gig Harbor.  (The video sponsor is Sothebys International Realty)

The video “Visit Gig Harbor” is not all inclusive.  We would like to have seen the Multicare Gig Harbor Medical Park included along with the St. Anthony Hospital.
And the Heritage Distilling Company in Gig Harbor is a “must see” for both locals and tourists in our estimation.


The Multicare Gig Harbor Medical Park

The "Cask Club" privately owned barrels

The Heritage Distilling Company “Cask Club”








Gig Harbor’s very own Northwoods Production produced following video in the spring of 2012.
A few rainy days slipped into the production.

Is the banana slug disappearing from Gig Harbor?

The banana slug (Ariolimax columbianus) common to the Pacific Northwest has, apparently, disappeared from parts of Gig Harbor, Washington.

The banana slug will go into a type of dormancy similar to hibernation called “estivation” in a hot dry climate.

Even so, in many areas that remain wet, moist and shaded the banana slug will be evident all spring, summer and fall.  The banana slug presence, if not in plain site, is evident by the slimy trail of mucus which they secrete as a protective layer.

Gig Harbor gardeners may experience the destruction that banana slugs cause in a garden.  Hosta plants are a favorite target for slugs. The full undamaged leaves of the Hosta plant indicates an absence of banana slugs.  The use of slug poison by the gardener may explain an intact undamaged Hosta.

The GigHarborTimes observes that this summer has provided relief from the insatiable banana slug.  However, we hope that the disappearance is only temporary.
Banana slugs perform an important service in the environment by eating leaves, dead plant material and animal droppings which are excreted as a rich natural nitrogen fertilizer.

Will the banana slug return to Gig Harbor?
We don’t have the answer to that question.  But as slimy as they are, we look forward to a mild wet spring and the return of the banana slug.


Hosta plant





Gig Harbor waterfront development plan assaults fabric of community life

Gig Harbor old downtown shoreline

Gig Harbor old downtown shoreline

Gig Harbor’s  “Downtown Building Size and Height Amendments” ordinance allowing increased building heights and square footage along the waterfront was open to public hearing on July 8th without much public attendance.

In the opinion of the the amendment is an assault on the very fabic and character of Gig Harbor community life.
The increased building height and size will only enrich the pockets of a few while the character of shoreline Gig Harbor, once known as a quaint fishing village will, like all modern shorelines, evolve to become a tourist mecca – not the hometown that residents love.

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