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Buying a new car in Gig Harbor

Thinking of buying a new car in Gig Harbor?
New car dealerships “Courtesy Ford” and  “Olson Brothers Chevrolet” closed up shop in 2007 in advance of a planned shopping center.  The planned shopping center deal fell through and the car dealership lots are now occupied by the Fife RV Center location in Gig Harbor.

Today, factory new car dealers do not exist in Gig Harbor.
But  wherever one buys a car, the following perspectives may help  one’s purchasing decision:

Top Five –  Safety ratings for new  small cars
(from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety)

  1. Honda Civic 2-door
  2. Honda Civic 4-door
  3. Dodge Dart
  4. Ford Focus 4-door
  5. Hundai Elantra

Top Five – Best selling vehicles

  1. Ford F-series (pickup trucks)
  2. Chevrolet Silverado (pickup trucks)
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Honda Civic
  5. Honda Accord

Top Five – Most embarrassing cars*

  1. Smart ForTwo
  2. Nissan Cube
  3. Hummer H2
  4. Chevrolet SSR
  5. Volkswagen New Beetle

* most embarrassing cars listed on

And perhaps the worst choice for a male driver comes from the Wall Street Journal’s “Market Watch” blog site “The Tell”: BMW drivers really are jerks, studies find





Shoreline businesses hard hit by recession

Natural Clothing is closing and the Antiques and Wine Shop have closed.  Business is tough in the harbor right now.