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Breakthrough Stem Cell Research Sees Spinal Cord Regeneration

spine_xrayHuman trials have begun on below the neck spinal cord injuries after successfully restoring limb function in rats in research conducted at UCI.  The FDA gave Geron Corp. of Menlo Park, Calif., permission to test the UC Irvine treatment in individuals with thoracic spinal cord injuries, which occur below the neck.

Above the neck cervical cord treatment is not yet approved because unfinished preclinical trial testing with rats had not been completed.”
“What our therapy did to injured rodents is phenomenal. If we see even a fraction of that benefit in humans, it will be nothing short of a home run.” says UCI scientist Hans Keirstead, primary author of the study.

A resident local to Gig Harbor with a child suffering spinal cord damage reported to the that the treatment is only available to new spinal cord injuries.

The full story with video can be found here: Stem Cell Repairs

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