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Another school shooting

Another school shooting

And the media loves it.
How else do the madmen and crazies think of doing such a thing.

Its the media. . .the act of a madman gets more publicity than the president.
Want to make the news? Kill a bunch of people with a gun, kettle bomb or other weapon of mass killing.

And the media salivates over it. Not one station will omit the publication – they all provide publicity to the act.

We can pinpoint responsibility on the media for the next mass killing.
If it’s not the gun, then it will be something else.

This is a no-brainer folks.
As long as the media provides a stage, someone will fill it.

And no, guns are not the problem. Take away guns and it will be the “next big thing” to hit the media.

Build it, and they will come.
The media must shun this type of crime.

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