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Tooth enamel damaged by acids in sugar free drinks

smile1“THE MOST COMMON CAUSE OF DENTAL EROSION IS REPEATED EXPOSURE TO ACIDS IN FOODS AND DRINKS” according to a newly released study conducted by  the Oral Health Care CRC in Australia.

In 2013 the reported a similar study:  Tooth enamel quickly destroyed by acidic energy drinks 
“Sugar Free” drinks and foods can still cause irreparable harm to a tooth’s enamel.  The study states that:

The mix of chemicals present in a food or beverage also determines whether or not it is erosive. Some chemicals, such as citrate, are chelators – that bind or trap other chemicals such as calcium. These chemicals are particularly erosive because they effectively remove calcium from teeth.

The study found that reducing sugar containing beverages may reduce the incidence of diabetes and obesity but would not reduce the risk of dental erosion.  Sports beverages, Read more

New eye drops could clear up cataracts

eye1-600x300Cataracts, the leading cause of blindness, could be reversed and cleared up with the use of a new eye drop compound according to a team of research scientists from from UC San Francisco, the University of Michigan, and Washington University in St. Louis.

Cataracts, an age related disease, share “protein amyloid clumping” along with Alzheimers and other age related diseases.  The differences are in where the clumping forms and which proteins are involved.

At present, tests have been successful in mice that developed age related cataracts and human lens tissue samples removed during surgery.

“This is a game changer in the treatment of cataracts,” says Roy Quinlan, a molecular biologist at Durham University in the United Kingdom who was not part of the study. “It takes decades for the cataracts to get to that point, so if you can reverse that by a few drops in the eye over a couple of weeks, that’s amazing.”

The drops, know as Compound 29, has been licensed and is actively being developed Read more

Ebola virus at the airport

The Ebola Virus has traveled by air.  At at least one known contagious passenger arrived in Nigeria was reported carrying the disease .  Americans leave the disease handling to the experts.  But the enormity of this deadly disease has not yet crossed the American public’s collective mind.

It would only take one sick baggage handler working behind the scenes for an eight to twelve hour shift to potentially contaminate hundreds of luggage pieces.  Luggage handlers and travel passengers would have no idea that they have become infected.

Unlike Africa, the developed countries have a denser and more communicable population, one that travels far and quickly.  We will rely on a small contingent of medical professionals to contain the deadly Ebola virus until the five-o’clock news presents it to us on a local basis.

Can we take precautions?  Probably not much other than to keep informed.  On a personal basis, we might want to keep a box of latex gloves and a bottle of spray bleach set aside.  Practice good hand washing and use a anti-bacterial wash.